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Living in Harmony

At its core, Harmony Ranch is about sustainability, community empowerment, quality of life and Intentful Living. It is an intentional decision to be devoted to every aspect of your life, and it’s also an investment in the health of the planet on which we are fully dependent. Harmony Ranch brings into focus our relationship with nature through thoughtfully planned communities that act as stewards of the environment. Today, mankind’s relationship with nature is dangerously out of balance. Join us at this turning point, in the creation of communities of intention grounded in fully sustainable and life-enriching choices. We have a choice. We have a say in our future. Let’s do this together.

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Living in Harmony
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The Compass Points of a Healthy Home

There are many pathways leading to Harmony Ranch. Our journey has four interweaving roads.


Nutrition, physical activity, and life-giving sustenance are given priority at Harmony Ranch. The land itself will nourish homes with seasonal gardens and agriculture that nurtures the health of the soil.


In our world, in order to connect first, we must disconnect and give attention to the people and needs that are most important. A peaceful community that is able to listen to the voice of its natural surroundings can better engage in authentic connections.


Harmony Ranch is modeled on the regenerative quality of nature itself. Healthy living, relationships, and energy need to be cultivated and shared through education, meaningful social interaction, creativity, and purpose.


To thrive is not a prize at the finish line. No, it is the race itself. Harmony Ranch is a thriving community because of the goals and dreams we are working toward. We thrive together on a journey right from our own homes.

Finding Balance Together

Harmony Ranch is a return to living in community lands. It embraces the very real need for sustainable living, the promise of regenerative agriculture, the principles of environmental education, and the practice of living in personal fulfillment. We are creating communities for families to feel connected to the land, in co-operation with one another. We are achieving this naturally, with a focus on healthful living and community projects that draw us closer to our families and to the world that sustains us.
This is Living in Harmony™

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Harmony Ranch, Costa Rica

Life is in harmony in Costa Rica. Living in year-round warmth, surrounded by vibrant tropical landscape, there is balance, wellbeing and vitality. With intimate proximity to pristine beaches along the Pacific Ocean, one can’t help but feel connected to the pulse of the tides and the strength it possesses.

Within Costa Rica resides an extraordinary blooming community called Costa Dorada. It is an active, healthy, safe haven thoughtfully developed by families intent on preserving the exquisite ecology and also the radiant culture of the people of Costa Rica. Costa Dorada brings together the surrounding natural environment and gently incorporates beautiful homes within it, using sustainable practices and technology.

Visit Harmony Ranch, Marbella, Costa Rica

Harmony Ranch Costa Rica is located with the Costa Dorada Marbella complex, adjacent to the Los Colinas community.

Visit Harmony Ranch, Marbella, Costa Rica

Harmony Ranch, Eden Utah

Harmony Ranch is the cornerstone of our holistic concept for balanced living.

Over the years, we will develop an alternative model to commercial agriculture, giving back to the land through biodynamic farming, symbiotic grazing, and biodiverse foods, flora, and fauna.

This dedication to a more sustainable possibility will further be developed through the Ranch Camp Education Project.

Through these community activities and platforms, we’ll begin our commitment to the living out the potential of nurturing the Earth, spirit, and bodies through a more balanced model.

Ski in to homesites from Nordic Valley Resort . A small piece of heaven north of Salt Lake City.

Visit Harmony Ranch, Eden, Utah

Coming Soon: Harmony Ranch New Zealand

Living in Harmony

The Harmony grounds will grow over time with the support of a community that plants seeds of shared quality of life projects together.

A series of proposals will be funded by friends and families that want to enjoy growing the community calendar, amenities, and access to quality of life spaces and goods.

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